When it comes to caring about each customer, the environment, and even just the pure willingness to always do our best and better ourselves- everything becomes simple.


Driven by this ideal, we chose to take on the name R2DServices - Ready to Deliver, any time, anywhere. Such to remind us to always face up and overcome challenges. To realize this tremendous goal, we incorporated in-house, professional, manufacturing, repairing/refurbishing capability and an integrated, all-inclusive online solution, to offer management services that cover the entire product life-cycle.


“Smart” used to mean better performance, higher score, but as it evolves, the essence of Smart in our era now commands for a much greater, deeper, and more inclusive merit- Smart is green, is caring, and not just the ever-improving efficiency, but sustainable and self-fulfilling.


R2DServices, built on such evolution, created usmartmobi.com- your smartest mobile choice, here smart has just gotten smarter!



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