Repair Info.

1. Prepare for Shipment

Backup & Erase

Backup and then erase (factory reset) your data before shipping your device out to ensure that you won’t lose anything important.

  • Backup your Device...
  • Reset your Device to Remove All Personal Information

If you have an iPhone:

  1. You can perform a factory reset by opening the “Settings” menu
  2. Select “General” and then select “Reset”
  3. Select “Erase all content” to completely wipe your device

If you have an Android phone: 

  1. You can perform a factory reset by pressing the “Menu” button 
  2. Go to “Settings”, select “Privacy”, and then “Factory data reset” 
  3. Finally, press on “Reset phone” to complete the process and remove all of your data from the phone

*All the data on your device will be erased when you get it back.


Remove Accessories/Aftermarket Parts

Remove everything that is not bolted down to the device and do not send these in: SIM card, SD card, protective case, charger, cable, removable back, or other accessories

*All the aftermarket accessories will be removed when you get it back.



Package your device neatly and securely.



Ship your device according to the shipment option(s) that the repairing companies request. 



2. FAQ

Q. Is there a cost to send to repair?

A. Generally there is not a shipping cost to ship your device in for repair.

Q. How long does it take to be repaired?

A. While the turn-around time varies by device and company, it is generally expected to be  repaired and returned within 1 - 2 weeks of ship-out.

Q. How do I track the status of my repair?

A. You can track the status via the company’s online repair system providing your order number and contact information.

Q. Who should I contact and how can I follow up on my product shipped for repair?

A. You can track the status of your repair at the corresponding company’s online repair system. For additional queries you can contact their designated support.

Q. I have trouble submitting a service request in the corresponding company’s online repair system. What should I do?

A. Please contact the corresponding company’s designated support.

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